Donate to CDI

Thank you for making  a gift to CDI Tanzania. Together we can provide better opportunities to underprivileged children.

Without your generous support, we would not be able to help the disadvantaged in our community.

If you share our vision of equal opportunity for all, take action, and donate now to help us achieve a world where all have equal access to education and employment.

We are currently in need of immediate financial support to fight COVID-19 and challenges related to the pandemic.

How does your donation help?

Your impact:

US $45 = Hand Washing Material

US $45 = Hand Sanitizers

US $55 = 1M Fabric for masks

US $100 = Printing of communication messages

US $160 = 1 Sewing Machines

US $375 = Volunteers transport support (for 15 Volunteers)

In case you are interested in planning a fundraiser for CDI programs, please send us an email at We shall provide any support you may need to assist your efforts.