Support Our Mission

CDI’s services are offered free of charge to all of the vulnerable and marginalized individuals that we serve. Contributions from our generous supporters help to further the initiatives of CDI. Funds allow us to expand our outreach by conducting training and acquiring necessary equipment to do so.

Individual Donations

Friends of CDI:

Be an individual who supports  the work of CDI. You can contribute greatly to our success through financial contributions. All of the donations we receive really make a huge difference. Any amount can really help, from providing school uniforms and books to buying wheelchairs to enable these children to attend school. All the money really does make a direct difference to the lives of these children.

If you wish to make a financial donation this can be done easily here via out Just Giving Page: 

Want to help but need fundraising ideas? Here are some….

  • Identify your community and networks, whether in your faith, school, university workplace etc, Put the CDI agenda on  a notice board to spread knowledge of our programs. Then arrange  a fundraising event, such as a ‘coffee for a cause’ or ‘beer for a cause’ and invite your friends, colleagues and community members.
  • Use strategies such as ‘one coffee of 6 dollars can buy a a pair of school shorts for a young disable boy in Tanzania’.

Please send us an email through if your planning an event to fundraise for CDI programs. We will provide any support you may need to assist your efforts.


Online Fundraising

Create online fundraising for us and ask your  friends and networks to support, this can be on your birthday on your wedding anniversary baby shower etc.


Corporate Donations

There are many opportunities that can be used by corporations to support us. A corporate can play a role in raising funds or providing various support resources. Corporate organizations can gain a lot of benefits from supporting charity work, including

  1. Reaching new audiences by building your brand profile with us
  2. Seeing commercial benefits as a result of cause related marketing
  3. Realize and meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objective.

Ways you can support us.

Charity of the year:

If you have a program to nominate charity of the year in your company nominate us to get the funding from benefits that the company offers.

Online fundraising:

Create a online fundraising page with us linking your page and encourage people to donate.

Sponsor our Community Events:

  1. Day of an Africa child
  2. Disability Day
  3. Youths day
  4. International volunteering day

Become a supporter to our work.. donate to us… please email to get further information and support us.