We empower marginalized communities in rural Tanzania.

Care For Dignity And Innovation (CDI)  provide outreach programs to educate the community to keep disabled children and young women in school, to create progressive changes in gender-based violence and poor living conditions for disabled people.


How We're Helping Combat COVID-19

In Tanzania, large numbers of families are dependent on casual, low paid, or unstable work. They have few savings, and often debts. Necessary safety measures other countries are taking to protect their communities from the pandemic — like stockpiling food and essentials, or isolating at home — is not possible for these families in Tanzania…

Our Programs

Combat COVID-19​

COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus is now present in every country on earth. As the number of cases in fragile contexts begins to rise, we are starting …
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Youth Empowerment

CDI believes that an empowered youth can create a huge impact in the community. Therefore, CDI advocates for the rights of young people aged 15 to 35 years through capacity …
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Disability Support

Children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in Tanzania. Despite the Government’s efforts to support primary education, 98% of children with disabilities are not in school …
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Support Our Mission

Make A Donation

CDI’s services are offered free of charge to all of the vulnerable and marginalized individuals that we serve. Contributions from our generous supporters help to further the initiatives of CDI. Funds allow us to expand our outreach by conducting training and acquiring necessary equipment to do so.

Volunteer With Us

We’re currently looking for onsite volunteers to help us with the COVID-19 projects and ongoing projects. Accommodations and meals will be provided at a small fee.

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