Youth are agents to change in the community. we work on building capacity  and raising awareness on youth-related policies.  C.D.I identify challenges youth face, addressing the challenges accordingly and finally  highlight  opportunities for the youth to be empowered. C.D.I ensures that the voice of youth in the society are heard and taken  into considerations. C.D.I believe that an empowered youth can create a huge impact in the community. therefore C.D.I advocate for the rights of young people aged 15 to 35 years through capacity building and creating awareness


Livelihood and employment: supporting supports and advises youth on wealth building through joining and establishing Microfinance groups such as SACCOS and Youth Enterprise Groups (YEG) so as to get capitals which will help them in generating employments and benefits for their sustainable life. this activity is in a proposing stage once access to funding it will be implemented.