C.D.I Welcomes you to be part of the movement to support disabled children  and empower youth in Tanzania community.

Individuals Donations:

Be a friend to C.D. I: Be an individual who support mostly to the work of C.D.I. contribute greatly to our success through regular financial contributions. The  program allows you to freely choose how much you want to donate over the year, as regular or one-off donations. You can either invite your friends to support you in supporting us.

Need idea?….. here one

Identify your community and networks  whether in your faith, school, university workplace etc, and put the  CDI agenda on board spread our programs and arrange  a fundraising event either a coffee for a cause, or beer for a cause, get strategy one coffee of 6 dollars can buy a short for a young disable boy in Tanzania. invite the friends and raise fund to support us… please send us an email through if your planning an event for fundraising C.D.I programs. we will provide any suport to your fundraising Jorney.

Online Fundraising

: create online fundraising for us and ask your  friends and networks to support. this can be on your birthday on your wedding anniversary baby shower etc.

Corporate Donations:

There are many opportunities that can be used by cooperates to support us. A Corporate can play role in raising funds or providing various support resources. a lot of benefits for cooperates gain from supporting charity works including

  1. Reach new audiences by building your brand profile with us
  2. See commercial benefits as a result of cause related marketing
  3. Realize and meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objective.

Ways you can support us.

Charity of the year.

If you have a program to nominate charity of the year in your company nominate us to get the funding from benefits that the company offers.

Online fundraising.

create a online fundraising page with us linking your page. encourage people to donate

Sponsor our Community Events

  1. Day of an Africa child
  2. Disability Day
  3. Youths day
  4. International volunteering day

Become a supporter to our work.. donate to us… please email to support us.